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 2022 Concert Schedule

The Preacher's Daughters


the Preacher's Daughters are Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota 

Both of us are Moms and Wives as well- Amanda is married to Jim (17 years) and they have Caleb, Seth & Noah (twins) and Sadie & Emma (twins)- yes 2 sets! Her dad Michael Kleeberger (Jan) pastored in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and in Iowa.  Korissa is married to Darren (16 years) and they have 2 boys, Emerson & Everett. Korissa's Dad, Dale Erbele (Vonda) pastored in Montana and North Dakota.  We both have been singing in the church since we were small children!

We met singing in 2012 and both of us felt called to preserve and sing the Hymns and knew the Lord was calling us to sing together as a duo. We both grew up as Preacher's Daughters and in families that sang together. We both LOVE harmony and creating fresh new ways to approach hymns in a fresh and engaging way.  The Lord orchestrated our paths together and brought people and connections to our music ministry.  We found a little white chapel outside of Minneapolis where we created, sang and prayed.  We put out a video in May of 2016 from that historic over 100 year old chapel, and the video was well received, so we continued going back to the chapel and creating live hymn!  It was a confirmation that people of all ages are hungry for the Hymns- the landmarks of our faith! We soon were asked to present Hymns concerts and we began travelling and singing!  We tour all over the midwest and are blessed to be able to present many concerts.  We loved to tell the stories behind the Hymns, as well as sharing light hearted stories from growing up as Preacher's Daughters.   

The Preacher's Daughters
Christmas Concert

Sunday, November 27, 2022   6:30pm
Doors open at 5:30pm

 Ticket information

       Advanced            $20, day of concert $25

Ages 12 and under are free.

Call Geoff 605-830-1545

BankWest in Gregory, SD